Housing thermostats

Closed housing thermostats – mechanical or electrical – applicable for multi-flow selection and control.



Our housing thermostats are suitable for the automotive market. They are either mechanical or electrical thermostats with closed housing, and are applicable for multi-flow selection and distribution, and/or control.

We design, develop and supply a comprehensive range of powertrain components. Our high strength glass-filled materials are capable of operating in high ambient under-bonnet environments. We have a range of injection mould presses up to 550t. We also have ultrasonic welding equipment for leak tight joining of complex assemblies.

Additional options


You have the option to add additional features to the thermostat housing, such as screws and connection points for other components. You can also add features including an additional temperature sensor, no return valve, or a degassing valve. The housing can be made from aluminium or engineered plastics to suit your requirements.

Technical Data

Volume flow :
≤ 0,5 m3/h

Start to open (STO) :
20°C … 70°C

Internal leakage :
< 5 l/h @ 0,5 bar