Heated and Electrical Thermostats

Thermal Management Solutions Group produces a range of electrical thermostats. Benefits include increased engine power, enhanced fuel economy, lower emissions, more control and greater passenger comfort.



The core element is a heating pin which is powered by the ECU, depending on operating conditions of the engine. The heating pins are available in two diameters, 4mm (standard) and 5mm (for specific applications with high force), and 3 levels of electric resistance from 9.5 Ω to 15 Ω. They are integrated into the thermostat housing either as an assembly (clipped/crimped/bayonet), or potted with a pig-tail, or overmolded in the case of plastic housings.

By electrical power supply (pulse width modulated) the opening characteristic can be shifted to colder temperatures. In combination with the wax mixture designed for a high opening temperature, the Start-To-Open temperature can be actively controlled over a range of 20°C to 40°C.