Thermostat housing materials

Thermal Management Solutions Group manufactures thermostat housing in aluminium or plastic. We use machined wax housing which provides mechanical strength for the wax element and an interface for the bypass and cap.



We manufacture our thermostat housing with a range of plastics, including PA66, PPA and PPS, all of which have excellent thermal stability at high temperatures. They are extremely rigid as well as moisture, chemical and abrasion resistant. Their many excellent properties make them ideal for automotive thermostats.

Manufacturers and engineers must continue to improve the materials used in the automotive sector. These materials need to perform well in hot temperatures while reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Using plastic makes this possible as it is lighter than other materials without compromising on performance.

Aluminium housing is used across the range of our products, including our oil temperature regulators for commercial use and also the covers on our heated sleeve thermostats. Aluminium offers greater durability and can withstand vibrations caused by high volume flows.