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Germany – Oberboihingen



Thermal Management Solutions DE Oberboihingen GmbH

Gustav-Wahler-Stra├če 1
72644 Oberboihingen

Main Products

  • Heated and Mechanical thermostat assemblies
  • Range of mechanical wax elements
  • Range of heated wax elements
  • Lead free wax elements
  • Long life wax elements
  • Thermostat with integrated housing
  • Thermostat and Hose assemblies
  • Electrical fluid valve
  • Three plate thermostat for zero flow
  • Split cooling thermostat modules
  • Insert sleeve thermostat for high flow control
  • Low temperature thermostat
  • Fuel thermostat
  • Oil regulator valve
  • Insert oil regulators
  • Heated thermostat with map sensing position control
  • Electric fluid switching valve
  • Electric fluid flow valve with motor control


  • Thermostat Manufacture and Assembly
  • Heated and Mechanical Wax Element manufacture
  • Vibration and Sonic Plastic Welding
  • Heater over moulding
  • Complex plastics design and manufacture
  • Electronics and control
  • Design Development and Validation
  • State of the art In-house testing laboratory
  • CAE and CFD Analysis
  • Computational structure mechanics
  • Prototyping in a variety of materials


  • Plastic injection moulding machine up to 350t
  • Ultrasonic welding equipment for leak tight joining of complex assemblies
  • Manual, Semi-Automated and Fully Automated assembly lines
  • Thermostat wax element charging and calibrating
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Focus independent aftermarket